Travel vaccinations we offer:

At the travel clinic, we offer all the standard travel vaccinations, plus a few that are only available at specialist clinics or on a named-patient basis.

Not all vaccines are the same. Some vaccines consist only of a single dose prior to travelling, while others require a short course to help ensure an adequate immune response.

Where a 'return visit' for follow-up vaccines is required, this is naturally included in the initial consultation charge.

One of the advantages of having a course of vaccinations at TrExMed Travel Clinic Edinburgh is that we are primarily open out-of-hours and there is nearly always free parking available.

Vaccine Prices

Prices of our most commonly prescribed travel vaccinations are listed below:

Travel vaccinations and prices

Vaccine    Price per dose £ Usual number needed Price of full course £
* This includes a booster at least 6 months after the first dose, which extends the protection time against Hepatitis A to life-long.
Yellow Fever 59.50 1 59.50
Rabies (intra dermal) 35.00 3 105.00
Rabies (i.m. or outwith normal clinic times) 70.00 3 210.00
Japanese encephalitis- Ixiaro 94.50 2 189.00
Hepatitis A (adult) 32.00 *2 64.00
Hepatitis A & Typhoid 50.00 *2 82.00
Hepatitis A & B (adult) - Twinrix 64.00 *3 158.00
Hepatitis A & B (child) - Ambirix 59.00 *2 118.00
Hepatitis B (adult) 30.00 3 90.00
Hepatitis B (child) 25.00 3 75.00
Typhoid (intra-muscular) 24.00 1 24.00
Typhoid (oral) 32.00 1 32.00
Cholera & ETEC (oral) 24.00 2 48.00
Meningitis ACWY conjugated - Menveo 55.20 1 55.20
Meningitis B - Bexsero 130.00 2 260.00
Tick-borne encephalitis 64.00 2 128.00
Tick-borne encephalitis (child) 60.00 2 120.00
Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) 25.00 2 50.00
HPV (9 strains) Gardasil 150.00 2-3 300-450.00
BCG 34.50 1 34.50

Vaccine availability

We keep a good stock of all the above vaccines in our fridge. Other less commonly used vaccines, such as influenza, BCG (see below), varicella, plague etc can be ordered in on request.

Hepatitis A and B vaccination for children

Yellow Fever vaccination

TrExMed Travel Clinic Edinburgh is a registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. Follow this link for more information about Yellow Fever and YF vaccination.

Rabies vaccination

Rabies is one of the most important travel vaccinations to have before travelling. There are very few countries in the world which are free of rabies. Please visit this page for further information on rabies.

Japanese Encephalitis vaccination

Japanese Encephalitis is another vaccine to consider for both short and long term travel to South-East Asia. Please visit this page for information on Japanese Encephalitis.

Meningococcal ACWY vaccination

The type of meningococcal ACWY vaccination we use (Menveo) offers the best overall protection against bacterial meningitis in the tropics. This is the conjugated vaccine required for Hajj pilgrims by the Saudi Arabian authorities.

BCG vaccine

BCG is a vaccine that used to be recommended for all teenagers in the UK to help prevent tuberculosis (TB). However, it has been shown for some time now, through numerous, large-scale, international trials that BCG offers little or no protection against catching TB.

The BCG does offer some protection is in the first year of life from developing the more severe forms of TB, such as miliary TB and TB meningitis. It is for this reason alone that BCG is routinely offered at birth to babies in highly endemic countries, and to infants in the UK likely to have visiting relatives from such countries.

BCG vaccine is thus of very limited use in travellers: It is only recommended by the WHO for infants (i.e. under the age of two) travelling or migrating to a country of higher TB prevalence.

Even for health care workers going to work on a TB ward, AIDS orphanage or with street kids in a developing country, there is now thought to be no significant benefit in having the BCG vaccine.

Nicky Armstrong and Jim Bond

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