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TrExMed Travel Insurance

You should never travel without adequate travel insurance.

There are now many travel insurance policies available on the market. However, not all offer the same degree of cover or assistance in the event of a medical emergency overseas. You should always read all the policy small print and inform the insurers of all relevant medical history and possible high risk activities.

As an expedition leader and doctor, taking groups to remote parts of the world, and thus having an extended 'duty of care' to participants on his expeditions, Jim has thoroughly looked into and vetted various travel insurance and medical repatriation options over the years. To date, the most appropriate and flexible cover he has found for his travel needs is with specialist insurance brokers, Campbell Irvine Ltd. of London.

In keeping with the 'one-stop shop' idea, TrExMed has arranged a travel insurance policy with Campbell Irvine Ltd, underwritten by the A-rated Insurer, AmTrust Europe Limited. This policy has individual, family or group, and single or annual multi-trip options. The cover includes 24-hour telephone access worldwide to Medical Emergency Assistance Service, experts in providing friendly and professional help.

TrExMed is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Campbell Irvine Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

A copy of the 2017 Policy Document can be found on the website link below. Campbell Irvine Ltd now also offers a new, complementary Gadget Insurance policy, covering smart phones, tablets, cameras and lap-tops while abroad.

For further information or for a quote, please click on the following link to the Campbell Irvine Direct Travel Insurance website

Nicky Armstrong and Jim Bond

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